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Technical Specifications


  1. 清洗玻璃最大範圍:2200mm

  2. 清洗玻璃最小規格:300×300mm

  3. 清洗玻璃厚度範圍:2〜20mm

  4. 清洗速度範圍:2〜4 m/min

  5. 總功率:28kw

  6. 機械外形尺寸(L×W×H):5000 mm × 3270mm ×3000mm

  7. 重量:3200kg



This user-friendly equipment is ideal for cleaning glass before spray painting, printing and acrylic glass molds. Equipped with 2 rows of disc brushes and grinding with cerium oxide. It features 3 pairs of rotary brush which divided into two parts, drying with air knife; three water tanks are separate independently. According to the thickness of glass, the upper section can be adjusted to lift up to 250mm. The effortless motorized lifting ensures more convenient for maintenance, repair, and adjustment. This design prevents the brushes from wear and tear and prolongs the service life of brushes. The equipment could be integrated into automated production line through the PLC interface if necessary. The conveying method adopts worm-gear driven system. The machine parts, where contacts water, are made of stainless steel material. The water recycling design will reduce water consumption. According to your requirements, the specifications can be customized.

Technical Specifications
  1. Maximal cleaning specification: 2200mm

  2. Minimal cleaning specification: 300x300mm

  3. Cleaning thickness range: 2~20mm

  4. Cleaning speed range: 2~4m/min

  5. Total power: 28kw

  6. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 5000mm × 3270mm × 3000mm

  7. Weight: 3200kg

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