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Vertical Windscreen Washing Machine


  1. 清洗玻璃最大範圍:H-1300mm

  2. 清洗玻璃最小規格:500×100mm

  3. 清洗玻璃凹凸範圍:2〜50mm

  4. 清洗速度範圍:2〜6 m/min

  5. 總功率:2kw

  6. 機械外形尺寸(T×W×H):700 mm × 920mm × 2500mm

  7. 重量:720kg



This user-friendly product can clean the front/rear windscreen and curved glass. It’s easy to be operated and it has highly performance and durability. The vertical design is space-saving. Stainless steel parts are used in where the parts contact with water to prevent rust. This equipment also features a water-recycling system to reduce water consumption. According to your requirements, the specifications can be customized.

Technical Specifications
  1. Maximal cleaning scope: Height 1300mm

  2. Minimal cleaning specification: 500×100mm

  3. Cleaning thickness range: 2~50mm

  4. Cleaning speed range: 2~6m/min

  5. Total power: 2kw

  6. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 700mm × 920mm × 2500mm

  7. Weight: 720kg

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