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Small Vertical Glass Washing Machine


  1. 清洗玻璃最大範圍:450mm(高度不拘)

  2. 清洗玻璃最小規格:215×70mm

  3. 清洗玻璃厚度範圍:2〜12 mm

  4. 清洗速度範圍:2〜6 m/min

  5. 總功率:3kw

  6. 機械外形尺寸(L×W×H):260 mm × 565mm × 600mm

  7. 重量:160kg



Installed at the rear end of linear bevel edge grinding machine, KCG-450 is incorporated into the machine’s operation process. This machine starts washing immediately after edge grinding is completed, as well as clears off all attached glass bubbles and powder. It is time saving, and space saving. Thus it minimizes the frequency of manual movement. All parts of the equipment in contact with water are made of stainless steel. A built-in water recycling design saves a lot of water resource. This equipment features high performance, durability, excellent cleaning effect, and easy-to-operate.

Technical Specifications
  1. Cleaning maximal width:450 mm (high open-ended)

  2. Cleaning minimal width: 215 ×70mm

  3. Cleaning thickness from 2~12mm (adjustable)

  4. Cleaning convening speed from 2~6 m/min

  5. Total power: 3kw

  6. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 260mm×565mm×600mm

  7. Weight: 160kg

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