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Elevate Solar Panel Mold Washing & Drying Machine


  1. 清洗玻璃最大寬度:800mm

  2. 清洗玻璃最小寬度:200×300mm

  3. 清洗玻璃厚度範圍:2~20 mm(可調)

  4. 清洗速度範圍:2~4 m/min

  5. 總功率:9kw

  6. 機械外形尺寸(長×寬×高):5430 mm × 1500mm × 1350mm

  7. 重量:1200kg




This user-friendly equipment can clean the mold for producing solar panels or clean flat glass. It has high performance, quality and durability. One of the advantages of our product is its flexibility. According to your requirements, the specifications can be customized. (The equipment could be integrated into automated production line through the PLC interface if necessary.)


It features two pairs of rotary brush, two pairs of water-absorbing sponge roller, and two individual water tanks. KCV-900-A also comes with an electric heater or air knives for drying glass. According to the thickness of glass, the upper section can be adjusted to lift up to 150mm. The effortless motorized lifting ensures more convenient for maintenance, repair, and adjustment. This design prevents the brushes from wear and tear and prolongs the service life of brushes. It can also perfectly clean Low-E glass without any scratching on the surface. The conveying method adopts worm-gear driven system. Stainless steel parts are used in where the parts contact with water to prevent rust. This equipment also features a water-recycling system to save water consumption. The machine is fully-sealed by metal cover which is specially designed for safety.

Technical Specifications
  1. Maximal cleaning specification: 800mm

  2. Minimal cleaning specification: 200 × 300mm

  3. Cleaning thickness from  2~20mm (Adjustable)

  4. Cleaning speed range: 2~4 m/min 

  5. Total power: 9kw

  6. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 5430mm×1500mm×1350mm

  7. Weight: 1200kg

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