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For customers, our glass washing and drying machines are designed for what they need. Owing to customization, our machines completely meet the demands of the market. The design of machines focuses on user-friendly and safety. We emphasize that customers could work safely and operate the machine easily. Also, the appearance of our machines is elegant with the beautiful painting, instead of the traditional metal-cold image. Our company values environmental protection greatly. Therefore, we design the water recycling system to save water. Our machine is equipped with the sound-absorbing materials to reduce noise. We continuously develop and innovate to make technical progress year by year. Our glass washing and drying machines achieve the highest cleaning efficiency beyond the others in this field.



我司30餘年來致力於玻璃清洗乾燥機的製造與研發。近年,我司研發出超越業界的大尺寸玻璃表面研磨技術,為玻璃表面瑕疵提供了解決方案。獨特盤刷研磨設計,將玻璃表面毛細孔拋光,使之更為細緻與潔淨,便於後續印刷、噴塗、鍍膜或其他加工處理更具附著力; 亦可輕鬆處理玻璃表面瑕疵,如氧化的鍍膜、斑點及看不見的油污。我司更為了增加客戶使用便利性,研發設計出升降式玻璃清洗乾燥機,讓製程、維修與調整更加省力,亦可減少零件磨損,延長機台使用壽命。在外型設計方面擺脫傳統機台冰冷的金屬感,典雅素淨的烤漆增添質感。目前該款升降式研磨清洗乾燥機年銷售額約佔全年總銷售額的40%,我司研發費用佔整體營收1%。




Research and Development

Our company has been dedicated more than three decades to the manufacture and development of glass washing and drying machines. In recent years, we developed a new surface grinding technology for the large-size glass, which exceeds our competitors, providing a solution for glass surface defects. The unique grinding disc brush can polish the pores on the glass surface.It also removes spots, oxidized coating, and invisible grease on the surface.It can increase the adhesion of printing, spray painting, coating or other processing on the surface. This equipment helps customers get a much better, smoother, and cleaner glass surface easily.

We developed and designed the lifting type glass washing and drying machine to make the process, maintenance and adjustment more labor-saving. This design reduces the wear of parts and extends the service life of the machine.

In the design of the appearance, to get rid of the cold metal feeling of the traditional machine, we use the elegant and clean paint on the outer case.At present, the sale of this lift-type grinding and washing machine accounts for about 40% of the sales in the year.

Our research and development expense accounts for one percent of the overall income in a year.The development of lifting type grinding and drying machine was put into three senior R&D specialists. We dedicated one year and two million NTD to developing it and obtained a new patent. The cleaning performance is better than the similar products of the other competitors of the same trade. The service life of the machine is about 15 years. The R&D department focuses on the investigation, analysis, and planning of the target potential market.

For our customers from various industries, we develop the grinding and washing machines for various glasses.

We analyze the technical feasibility and then start the product development process. 

This year, we have successfully developed the lift-type grinding and washing machine for optical glass, which received approvals from our customers.We always consider the safety and convenience of machine users. The parts of the machine where may be dangerous, such as worm-gears, gears, belts, and chains, are guarded to protect the operator.The control system uses the PLC interface, which is divided into two main menus, including automatic mode and manual mode. The machine can be connected to other equipment to automate the production process. It doesn’t need to be supervised all the time, saving manpower.

Traditionally, if a surface-treated glass has defects, it cannot be reused and needs to be handled, that costs a lot for waste clearance and treatment. It can only be buried underground but it doesn’t decompose, so it causes a large burden to the environment. 

Our grinding and washing machine can remove the coating on the glass surface and make the glass reusable. It helps our customers to increase the yield of glass and reduce the defective rate. The customers don’t need to purchase new glass and do all the processes again. So it not only protects the environment but also reduces the cost.